How to Validate Phone Numbers

If you’re in the business of contacting customers and prospects via phone, you need to validate their numbers before you send them any calls. This is especially important if you want to follow up with them when an update to their order or a relevant promotion is made available.

The first step to doing this is using a number validation tool. These tools will verify the number for you and tell you if it is valid or not, as well as provide other helpful information about it.

RealPhoneValidation APIs integrate directly into almost any CRM, Ping Post service, dialer, app or web form so you can automate your workflows and get on with the things that matter most to your business.

Check the Active Status of Your Phone Numbers

One of the most common reasons why messages don’t get delivered is because of an invalid or wrong phone number. You can save a lot of money and hassle by using a phone number verification tool to ensure that all the phone numbers you use are valid and active.

This tool will help you keep your costs low by ensuring that all of your phone numbers are valid and that you don’t have any spam or fraudulent accounts in your database. It also helps you reduce your reliance on your support team for answering customer queries and improves the experience of your customers as they don’t have to worry about calling a wrong number or getting a message that isn’t going through.

ClearoutPhone is a fast and easy to use application that helps you to validate phone numbers , including the carrier, line type, and location of the caller. It can be used to verify phone numbers in bulk or in real-time.

It can also be used to determine if a number is valid by performing reputation scoring for any carrier. The API will also verify the validity of landline, mobile, VoIP, and VOIP lines as well as perform international and local validations.

Regular Expressions

Phone number validation uses regular expressions to determine whether a number is properly formatted according to a specified specification. This can prevent integrations from breaking, causing data issues between platforms, or creating duplicate records.

The best phone number verification tools are lightweight, fast, and secure. Some even offer free trial options so you can try them out before making a decision.

Abstract API

Abstract API is a popular phone number validation tool that is used by over 1 million users worldwide. It offers RESTful JSON APIs that allow you to check phone numbers and their details.


Phone verification APIs from Loqate will capture the right phone number, mobile, or landline at the point of entry into your database so you can prevent invalid or typo numbers from entering your database. It’s also very flexible and can be integrated into your website, CRM, or ERP system to ensure that you are meeting FCC regulations and providing a great customer experience.