Generator Service in Dallas and Fort Worth

When the power goes out, your life is disrupted. You lose access to entertainment, food in the fridge, clean water, and phone and computer service for communication with loved ones. If you or a loved one relies on power to keep medical equipment working, a sudden loss of electricity can be life-threatening. Having a generator can provide the peace of mind you need and give you control over your home’s energy.

A generator installation by Canter Power Systems can help you enjoy the comforts of home in any season. You can avoid the hassle of stockpiling food and supplies and the risk of running out of propane or diesel during a prolonged power outage by investing in a backup generator for your Dallas-Fort Worth home or business.

The type of generator service in Dallas you need depends on your property’s voltage requirements, the maximum amperage each device and appliance needs to operate, and in industrial settings, the startup amperage that large motors require. A trusted technician can determine these factors, and recommend a generator that will be capable of meeting your building’s power requirements.

If you’ve experienced a recent, unexpected power outage, you know how frustrating it can be to be stuck without your favorite movies, music, and TV shows. Not to mention the lack of lights for indoor cooking and bathing, refrigeration for spoiled foods, and the ability to charge phones, computers, and other devices.

For many people, the most stressful aspect of a power outage is having to find a way to boil and store water that’s safe for drinking. This is a serious problem in Texas, where high temperatures and persistent rain often lead to pipes bursting and contaminating local water supplies.

Fortunately, with an automatic whole-home generator from Canter Power Systems, you won’t have to worry about power outages again. When you get your generator installed and add the Canter Care Protection Plan, you can have peace of mind that the power to your home will always be on, even during a severe weather event or extended power outage.