Exponent Investment Management Inc

The fee-based financial advisory firm Exponent Investment Management Inc. is located in Ottawa, Canada. The firm’s certified financial advisors use a simple approach to create customized financial plans for their clients. Their goal is to help business owners and professionals transition from active income to passive income through https://ex-ponent.com a personalized approach.

Graham is Chief Investment Strategist

Graham has a wealth of experience from over four decades in Canadian and international markets. He began his career on Bay Street with Royal Trust and later worked for a major Swiss bank as their Canadian Chief Investment Officer. His extensive experience includes portfolio engineering, ESG investing, and risk adverse accounts.

Before establishing Exponent Investment Management, Graham worked for the Mellon Corporation as an assistant vice president and portfolio manager. He also spent time in the lending division at The Boston Company. Graham is a CFA charterholder and has more than two decades of trading experience.

Graham’s portfolio is focused on global companies and derived industries. He believes that diversification across sectors is essential for true volatility protection. When a sector is facing headwinds, he doesn’t hesitate to move money into cash. He doesn’t believe in hard geographic weightings, so he is flexible enough to respond to the market’s changing trends.

The firm is Ottawa’s largest fee-based financial advisor

Exponent Investment Management is a well-established fee-based financial advisor in Ottawa that specializes in financial planning and investment management. Its team is highly experienced and follows a client-centric approach. With offices in Ottawa and Toronto, Exponent is a five-star-rated financial advisory firm. The firm’s founder is a pioneer in personal financial planning and is Canada’s largest fee-only financial advisor. The firm is devoted to providing clients with a holistic approach to their investments, tax planning, retirement, and estate planning.

The firm provides comprehensive financial planning services, and its fee-based approach allows it to offer a full range of services. The team’s compensation is based on the level of service and volume of transactions. Advisors work with clients to analyze their financial situation and develop strategies that will help them reach their long-term financial goals.

It offers wealth allocation, pension planning & portfolio analysis services

Exponent Investment Management offers a wide range of services, including wealth allocation, pension planning & portfolio analysis. These services can be tailored to meet the client’s needs, helping them meet their financial goals, while managing risk. These services can help a client live the life they want.

Exponent Investment Management has a proven technology platform for wealth managers. The WealthObjects platform can be fully integrated into a client’s existing customer journey, or offered standalone. It can deliver a unified, end-to-end experience and ensure consistency across back-to-end customer journeys. The platform is fully customizable and can be tailored to a client’s needs.